Lake rules

Birch Pool Lake rules

Please read our list of rules they are thoughtfully put together for everyone’s benefit.

  1. All fish to be returned, unharmed as quickly as possible ,after Fish being Weighed/ Photographed.
  2. No Rods to be left unattended at any time.
  3. No sacking of fish at any time
  4. Carp to be moved in weigh-sling/cradles all provided. To be used at all Times.
  5. Micro Barb hooks only, No Barbless Hooks Allowed.
  6. Safety rigs only, No Fixed rigs and No Magic Twig.
  7. No Braided Mainlines. No Lead Core Leaders. Silicone or Tungsten tubing allowed.
  8. 15lb Min Line to be used.
  9. We request KORDA Propolis or KRYSTON KliniK  Product to be used on fish when needed.
  10. Only particles prepared by us are allowed on the lake.
  11. No nuts allowed.
  12. No litter, open fires or BBQs (except in BBQ area)
  13. No swimming. Going in to land or to release a snagged fish is OK
  14. Absolutely no standing up when photographing a Carp.
  15. No bedding or cooking/kitchen equipment to leave the Lodge.
  16. If drinking spirits please reel in your rods in, beer and wine in moderation is acceptable.
  17. We just ask you to be sensible and to respect the surroundings and the fish we ask all guests to drink responsibly, this will add to the enjoyment of all
  18. We may ask to view rigs at anytime without prior notice
  19. When going out in the boat please use the LIFE JACKETS PROVIDED for your safety.
  20. Please abide by our Lake Rules, we reserve the right to ask you to leave with the loss of all monies paid.
  21. Absolutely no smoking in the lodge, outside is fine please use ash trays provided.
  22. Dogs are welcome please bag up any mess around the lake.