October 7th-14th 2023

12 Carp Landed

Dave & Sharnie head back to UK they had a great week PB’S Smashed, Faces Splashed!.
Total of 12 Carp Landed well done.
4 X 30lb+ 5 X 40lb+ 3 X 50lb+
Highlights were 55lb+ & 56lb+ 50lb.4 all Mirrors and 2 Stunning Commons 45lb+ & 46lb+.
Great week see you next year.
Full list
1× 35lb+ Mirrors 3 x 39lb+ Mirrors 1 x 41lb Mirror 1 x 41lb.15oz Mirror 1’x 45lb+ Common
1 x 46lb+ Common 1 x 47lb+’Mirror 1 x 50lb.40z Mirror 1 x 55lb+ Mirror 1 x 56lb Mirror.