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There are many ways to contact us.


Call our Landline on (0033) 555731895

Call or Text our Mobile(0033) 629414538

If you would like us to call you back please leave a landline number and we will be more than happy to call you to discuss your requirements.

Please read our list of rules they are thoughtfully put together for everyone’s benefit.

The safety of our Fish and our Guests are our number one priority.

1 All fish to be returned unharmed as quickly as possible
2 Rods not to be left unattended at any time.
3 No sacking of fish at any time
4 Carp to be moved in weighsling/cradle only
5 Unhooking mats provided to be used at all times
6 Safety rigs only.
7 No braided mainlines. No lead core leaders, we prefer silicone tubing.
8 We prefer barbed or micro barb hooks only on the lake
9 We request Carpmed and Klinik to be used on fish when needed
10 Only particles prepared by us.
11 No litter, open fires or BBQs (except in BBQ area)
12 No swimming. Going in to land or to release a snagged fish is OK
13 Absolutely no standing up when photographing a Carp
14 We just ask you to be sensible and to respect the surroundings and the fish we ask all guests to drink responsibly, this will add to the enjoyment of all.
15 We may ask to view rigs at anytime without prior notice.

View of the lodge from the Island

View of the lodge from the Island

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